Gwenview crashes/hangs after playing MP4 and possibly WEBM files

After the 23.03.31 update, Gwenview hangs when playing an .mp4 file and after it finishes, you go to the next item, be that a pic or vid. You see the little wheel spinning in the center and can not but force the application quit.
There is no such bug when the video is still playing or when you move backwards. Also, changing to the Browse overview in Gwenview once the video has finished playing hangs the application.
There was a similar bug some years ago, fixed without confirmation, which might have been Qt related: show_bug.cgi?id=344809
The bug didn’t exist before the 2 most recent update cycles.
Reinstalling Gwenview, rebooting, to no avail.

We were supposed to start new topics, they said in the RTFT thread of update cycles.

Seems I solved my issue by installing

sudo pacman -Sy phonon-qt5-vlc

Gwenview also plays videos without screen tearing now. I don’t know why I never heard about that video-backend option before!
Oh and I also forcedly reinstalled by graphics driver because it was recommended somewhere to
reinstall third party software (like my Nvidia driver, but also AUR stuff …) after every update. I don’t know if this was needed to solve the above issue though.
In my case it was, from tty:

sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-nvidia

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