[GUIDE] how to migrate everything from sd card to external usb dvice

credit to Darksky for this, he helped me throughout many things
update EEPROM to the latest version
create a 150MB FAT32 partition for the EFI, and an EXT4 partition for the rest.
make sure the labels are ROOT_MNJRO for the EXT4 partition, and BOOT_MNJRO for FAT32 partition
make sure that cmdline.txt has root=


now unmount both partitions

sudo pacman -S rsync
sudo mkdir /mnt/newdrive
sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /mnt/newdrive      # Assuming here your usb drive's root partition is /dev/sda2
sudo rsync -avx / /mnt/newdrive
sudo sync
sudo umount /mnt/newdrive

make sure ur fstab have

LABEL=BOOT_MNJRO  /boot   vfat    defaults        0       0

shutdown the pi and boot up with the USB drive instead

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Actually the real credit goes to Tom's Hardware.

Thanks for saving me the time looking this up. I will be using it this soon doing some upgrades on my pi4 8G. Hopefully if all parts come in...



nice, i just got a hard drive enclosure for my old 3.5 inch 1tb HDD, the perfomance is actually pretty great.

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