[Guide] Enable desktop icons in Budgie 1.8.0 stable (upd Nov.15) [Help/ Discussion]

Hello, I am again new to Linux and gonna need it for studying and my thinkpad.
I was searching as a newbie for enabling desktop icons for the Manjaro Budgie Version 1.8.0 stable. I found solutions, which aren't solved my issue of not working desktop icons and missing desktop menu in Budgie-Settings. I got a friend helping me and some google.
In my opinion the Budige desktop should fully supported by manjaros community release, esp. in future. For me it was a bit annoying to set everything up at my thinkpad and this wasn't working like in Solus. I do just need a working relevant Distro.

So here is my solution (to discuss.)

OS: Community Budige 18.1.0 stable ISO installed + updated (worked NOV 15th)

Requirements: nautilus-legacy, gnome-desktop, dependencies, gnome-tweak
Why?: nautilus-legacy (file browser) is not working by its shortcut after installing. Also we need a simple way to enable desktop icons.

Step 1: Install nautilus-legacy
terminal: sudo -Syu nautilus-legacy (yes, yes)

Step 2: Install nautilus-legacy dependencies
SRC: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/nautilus-legacy/

terminal: sudo pacman -Syu exempi gnome-autoar gnome-desktop gvfs libexif libnautilus-extension nautilus-sendto tracker git gobject-introspection gtk-doc meson packagekit (yes)

Step 3: linking newer gnome-desktop to the older version supported by nautilus-legacy (I don't know what ln is, maybe symlink)
terminal: sudo ln -s /usr/lib/gnome-desktop-3.so /usr/libgnome-desktop-3.so.17

Step 4: Install gnome-tweaks
In my German version I need the software center and need to search for "Gnome Optimierung", also in the Menu the Program is named "Optimierung".
In English it is called gnome-tweaks. In the Menu the Program is named Tweaks.
Install it. Go to the Menu and start "Tweaks". There at Desktop you can click "Show Icons".

Now you have Budgie with working Desktop Icons.
Also what could help is googling "21 things to do after installing Solus" for a proper setup your Budgie.

Best Regards

Don't be annoyed - it is a waste of time - and there is nothing you can do.

Manjaro is not a clone of Solus and there may be Solus specific configuration which is not provided by Manjaro and/or Arch.

The Manjaro Budgie is a community project - and frankly - I don't think it is intended to mimic the Solus experience in all details

If you do fancy Budgie so much - you should use Solus Budgie - as it is obviously their defines for the desktop that matters to you.

Thank you for providing a guide to achieve this :+1: - In that regard - you are an example to follow :slight_smile:

Moved from #technical-issues-and-assistance:updating to #support-for-community-editions as it has nothing to do with updating packages and everything to do with Budgie.

Thy Yochanan

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