GUI not starting with system

A recent system update unfortunately didn’t go so well, and in the process I discovered that Timeshift hadn’t been generating snapshots for quite a while, so I was left with a not quite working Linux and no idea where to start fixing it.

The main problem I’m having at the moment is that Manjaro boots up in text mode - I can log in and if I type the startx command the GUI starts up without a problem, it seems that apart from that the graphical interface works fine.

I’d be grateful for any hints as to what this behaviour might be due to (or how to check the cause), and how to get the system to boot straight into graphical mode.

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Hi @Sivar, welcome to the forum!

Did you happen to delete orphaned packages after your latest update?

If so, please see my post(s) here:

or if you want to jump straight to the solution:

gdm which is needed was falsely orphaned the last update, and a few people now have run into this issue since they deleted orphans (which is not recommended, see first thread linked above).


Thank you, yes, I did deleted orphaned packages :slight_smile: Didn’t know that doing it may cause problems - it’s good to know for future.
Will test the solution right away :slight_smile:

And yes, that was it, thank you! :slight_smile:
I’ve been cleaning orphaned packages for a while now, I wonder what else I may deleted by accident :thinking:

/var/log/pacman.log list what actions where taken when updating, lists installed, removed and upgrade packages (among other information). Finding removed gdm in the file, other removed packages should be around there to.

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