GUI front end for Imagemagick, [Request]: Add this to the repo

Here is a promising GUI front end for Imagemagick:


Would be nice if it could be added to the repo, thanks!


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yes, now too young and 14 todo's still open
but you can add it yourself to aur right now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

this looks pretty neat! it's not in the aur, either.

It is not ready for much of anything yet. I built it from source, but it complains about missing modules. Maybe if the dev switches to using setuptools instead of PyInstaller I'll take another look.

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Great, thanks!
Lets hope for continuing development of FotoKilof then.

I talked to the FotoKilof dev. See this

So there is hope...

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A bit bulky the name, I can't think of a logo/icon for that. :wink:

GUI for ImageMagick
Gimmack :smiley: (Gimmick :slight_smile: )

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If it is of any help to you:
"Foto" => You know this...
"Kilof" => Estonian for "Pick" (as a tool)


See here:

Yeah, that's not working out so well. However, it now builds fine with PyInstaller. Here's my PKGBUILD.

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update the pkgbuild and if possible add to aur
as i see
in the repo now

I'm aware, but the still isn't ready yet. This is all it installs:

└── usr
    ├── lib
    │   └── python3.8
    │       └── site-packages
    │           └── FotoKilof-3.3.2-py3.8.egg-info
    │               ├── dependency_links.txt
    │               ├── PKG-INFO
    │               ├── requires.txt
    │               ├── SOURCES.txt
    │               └── top_level.txt
    └── share
        └── licenses
            └── fotokilof
                └── LICENSE
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