GUI difference between gvim from terminal and from menu

There is a difference between the appearance of gvim running from the terminal (on the left in the screenshot) and from the menu (on the right). Why? How can I make it look the same (as from the terminal)?


A wild guess since i do not use plasma or vim: it is either some environment variable or opens in another terminal emulator or shell. So there is something you have to add to your desktop shortcut (prepending vim with the name of the shell i guess)

Nop. Vars are the almost the same and I’ve checked different ones (running terminal from gvim). Shell / terminall, I think, have nothing to do with it either.

I think it has something to do with the way plasma runs GTK applications.

It may be something to do with the parent process. I just launched 2 Konsole sessions (I don’t have Gvim) - 1 from the menu & 1 from krunner. The version launched from the menu has plasmashell as its parent process; the one launched from krunner has krunner as its parent process:

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UPD I checked my environment variables and didn’t find anything. The parent for gvim launched from the console/yakuake is systemd (since gvim is detached from the terminal), the parents for “yellow” gvim-s are krunner or plasmshell (if launched from the menu).