Guest session on Manjaro??

Ok One thing I so is have Manjaro on my desktop and Linux Mint on the laptop.. One reason I have yet to switch Laptop is the Guest session that acts like a "Live installer" effect every time the session signs off.. I like that... I don't know if that's a Distro thing, Or just a Login Screen thing... would Love alittle imput.. and if I can make it work on Manjaro, I will switch laptop over...

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yes i also think its important feature to have
so im going to add this fuction to my next iso.
manjaro-wayfire spin.

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Maybe this package is usable for you - please do read the comment.

A couple of things related to this package

  • LightDM detects that there is a guest session available and should be available automatically, however, if you are having issues please follow the instructions below to check and enable it successfully.
  • This LightDM package includes a tweak to enable autologin which is a must in order for this package to work properly and is not available upstream, so please refrain from comments like "please don't edit system files", "this should behave like upstream", "delete this services and this extras", "you shouldn't add other things", etc. If you want the a clean experience on LightDM without tweaks or you are willing to check and activate the tweaks manually; then install the upstream package.
  • This package differs from upstream in that it downloads the source code that includes the guest session at compilation time, whereas upstream doesn't. I created this package to ease some steps into enabling the guest session after a lot of trial and error.
  • I am also aware of the unconfined guest session bug lying on Launchpad but on my particular tests I didn't have any results, so please refrain from those comments as well , or if you have any comments about it then please check on the Launchpad page since the issue comes from upstream.
  • Before giving an out-of-date notice, please check the upstream package lightdm so I can check if there have been any changes between both packages that I can use to update it
  • This package conflicts with the configuration of lightdm-settings if you intend to install it from Manjaro. What I have tested so far is to first install this package and then do a "pacman -S --force lightdm-settings" to install and force to have the same files and be able to use it properly

How to check if after installing this package guest-session works:

  • Open a terminal as root or open your preferred file manager as root
  • Navigate to the route "/usr/bin/guest-account" and open that file with your text editor (gedit, xed, nano, vi, vim, etc.)
  • Head to line 73 approximately, there you should see something as below, if you don't then please edit the line so it ends like this:

useradd --system --home-dir ${GUEST_HOME} --comment $(gettext "Guest") --user-group -G autologin --shell /bin/bash ${GUEST_USER}

  • Save the file and either restart or log-out from your user

LightDM should show the "Guest Session" on the greeter and you can access to a fully working guest session (tested with GTK Greeter and Slick Greeter).

Just so I am Sure How do I check what Login system I am on since that AUR file requires LightDM.. I wanna make sure everything works...

you dont need lightdm.

just install systemd-guest-user package from aur.
copy /etc/skel/
to /usr/share/guest-configuration/

then reboot.
and you will see a guest user login option.

no need to copy files from /etc/skel to

as /etc/skel is now default config directory

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Of the top of my head

  • KDE uses SDDM
  • Gnome uses GDM
  • Cinnamon, Openbox, Lxde, Lxqt uses LightDM with slick-greeter
  • Xfce uses LightDM with gtk-greeter
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add an option in manjaro architect to give
guest user support.
then install
package and guest user support will be enabled

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Does it require configuration besides the package? If not, I think adding the package to the repos is enough because we have custom package installation

Don't know why But the "--Force" in comments no longer exists... So I don't know a work around for it...

SystemD guest will not build "correctly" don't know why

nope no configuration required
just installing package will do

there is no building required it just scripts.

The equivalent of --force is --overwrite "glob"

Dunno WTF happened with that package but it deletes LightDM itself and will not stay if I try to Get lightDM back so I am guessing he will have to Update the Comment cause It's apparently not just the settings it can't work with..

I tried it, If It would work at log out instead of shut down that would be PERFECT... I guess I'll Keep Linux Mint a while longer..

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