Guayadque removed from repos

There is a music player called Guayadeque. Terrible name,I know, but I really liked it. Anyway, it has been removed from the repositories due to Helmt Stult’s ( the maintainer’s) keys expiring, as far as I understand, and he seems to have gone away, as Font-manager, another package he maintaned is also gone and hasnt come back either. So, could anyone please reupload Guayadeque (and maybe font-manager) to the repos? (Btw im very sorry for not formatting, but my mobile keyboard doesnt have the lesser and greater symbols)

I dont think thats the reason.
Its probably more to do with the fact that it was in zombie-development for a while, and now it hasnt seen any update in over 2 years, and their homepage is gone, redirecting to their forum which seems to be on life-support. Its also in the AUR.
Without even knowing the exact reason, I would consider it quite rational to drop.

That one is still in the repos, though it appears only in Unstable for now.

Sorry, my bad

The main reason I wanted Guayadeque in the main repos was that I build custom manjaro ISOs, using Buildiso that, contain my most used applications/programs and I have not yet experimented with the AUR. So what if it hasnt gotten updates? Plus, I assumed it had to do with the maintainer and his keys because he’s blocked on the manjaro gitlab Blocked user · GitLab damn it, I just wanted that music player, but you wanna make excuse not to add it, so be it

Don’t demand a package to be added, just so you can add it to your custom ISO build.

If you really want it, host your own repository, build and add the package to it and add the custom repository to your ISO.


Okey then, I will

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I dont think reporting on its state and voicing my opinion of it being abandon-ware and therefor better suited for the AUR than the repos is ‘making an excuse’.
I’m also not sure its very reasonable to become negative because the product of free, volunteer, time doesnt include some specific thing for you. You have every right to use something else or do it yourself.
(“My free sandwiches dont have any grey poupon!”)

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