GTK4 release date?

It is in the Arch mirrors already.

Any timeline for Manjaro?

I'd like to experiment with the new 3D APIs in Gnome Desktop (some things like Compiz are possible).

Thats not 'the Arch mirrors' .. its the AUR (Arch User Repository)

As to GTK4 - thats up to them .. but it has been reported the first release will be fall/autumn of 2020

a 4.0 release around the same time as GNOME 3.38 in fall 2020

Then there will need to be the DE and software adoptions - just because GTK 4 is released doesnt mean any of the large projects are based on it yet. Once they are .. I suspect Arch Testing will get it around then .. then it will hit Arch Stable then Manjaro Unstable a while after .. then of course to Testing and Stable.

(For example .. XFCE probably wont have a GTK4 release until 2030 :laughing:)


Oops, I know about the AUR, but I misread too fast. :laughing: Thanks!

Well you can install it - feel free to experiment :slight_smile:

pamac build gtk4

Looks like I will have some fun this night....

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