GTK3-classic/GTK3-mushrooms — GTK3 with my own patches

OK, I will adjust and update the .install file. Also what I will do is use directly your git source and maybe also additionally install the README to /etc/gtk-3.0 or so…

Please have a look:

Great. :wink: One small issue: it seems to me that /usr/share/ is better for REAMDE file rather than /etc/. /etc/ is for configuration files. In my opinion /usr/share/gtk3-classic/ would be better.

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Second very important thing. If you are using my gtk3-mushrooms repo in your PKGBUILD, you should use specified commit hash instead of the newest commit from master branch. When I do update, I can break your PKGBUILD (sometimes new patches can be incompatible with old GTK version).


Fine. :slight_smile:

PS. How convenient that we have a markdown_previewer :wink: :smiley:

Congratulations, great work! :+1:


/usr/share/doc/gtk3-classic/ would be even better.


@oberon. Please update your gtk3-classic. I moved patching code from PKGBUILD to separated script You can run this script from your PKGBUILD.

Ok, thanks. Done

Word is spreading…

(See that post and the three that follow)


I think I’ll have to consider this for bspwm edition. I have no problems with csd, but I really like typeahead. And smaller packages…

I think this should probably be done with proper patch file rather than a shell script.

git diff

is where it’s at. If I have time I’ll put a PR in to

@TomaszGasior Just for ask … is possible divide the pkgs ? Create a Group gtk3-classic , in this way is possible install example only typehead function or other … or is a too work ?

I don’t think it is possible to separate functions that way. What you could have is three separate packages gtk3, gtk3-typeahead, gtk3-nocsd and gtk3-classic. But imo that is a bit too much.


What i mean is like this : same pkgbuild which build all pkgs in one time …

That should be possible.

This seems overcomplicated as the options are set by an environment variable. If you want a default for a spin or edition, set the variables in e.g. /etc/profile.d/

I agree. No need for separate package where configuration is enough.

My intent was more general and for our user , not a big problem but an user can still use only one of this patch but in this way you force to install all set

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Understandable. Though I’d hope users wouldn’t install this without knowing what it does. :slight_smile:

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