GTK/Gnome keyring locks text input in apps? firefox, skype

I first noticed this in firefox(my browser of choice, writing this thread with it),
When visiting some sites like youtube or anything that embeds disqus(e.g kissanime) sometimes it happens that after writing for a while I can't input any more text at all, but every other app works as it should.
I "fixed" this with a restart and I lived with it until I installed skype for some online college classes and the same issue appeared pseudo-randomly.
Except this time I notice that opening some other app can effect this, e.g opening github-desktop let me input again in both firefox and skype.

I'm on testing but this issue goes rather back, anyone else had this problem?

Yes, I experience exactly the same issue after recent upgrade yesterday. Running KDE, and this popup starts appearing from time to time. Today, it appeared when I launched Vivaldi and went to YouTube.

The issue is not being able to input text

In my case, it's popup, which appears at the top-left corner of screen and I can't do anything (app becomes useless, can't enter text or click buttons, etc.) unless I enter my password. The popup contains 2 buttons (OK and Cancel), but no matter how many times I click Cancel, it never works. The only way to get rid of it - enter password and click OK.

First I thought it was related to KDE wallet (because previous upgrade automatically re-enabled KDE wallet on 2 out of 8 computers), but it's disabled this time.

Tried identifying it in the processes?
xfce's task manager has a handy tool

I can't. Once popup appears, my access to computer is completely blocked - absolutely nothing works. I can only open start menu by pressing keyboard shortcut, but even it doesn't work then - can't type anything in run field and/or select any app. Even CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work.

I feel like I won't get any insight into this but.. have you tried shifting to a new CLI session? like CRTL+ALT+F2 you might be able to use that to see what's going on

Well, I tried it on stable... still rocking when I went to YouTube

I solved it by manually uninstalling gnome keyring. Don't know if it was installed since the beginning, or was installed as some dependency later, but once I removed it, the problem gone away.

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