Gthumb won't display .heic photos

I have Gthumb up to date with libheif package installed. Gthumb will import .heic photos, but when I click on a thumbnail of one, it just displays the thumbnail and not the whole photo.

I would convert them to .jpeg but I have a lot of iPhone friends that send me photos and would prefer to just store them as .heic

Do you guys have any ideas?


There’s an open issue about it. Perhaps try gpicview-gtk3 (appears in the menu as Image Viewer).

ok thank you. Do I enable that within gthumb or is it a package i have to download?

pamac search gpicview-gtk3 


Thanks! I downloaded it and tried it out but it didn’t seem to work with .heic either. I’m hoping Gthumb or Shotwell will catch up because it seems like .heic is becoming a popular format

Hmm, well that was all I could find searching. It was suggested to use GPicView so I thought maybe it would work.

thanks for your help. I feel like after installing libheif, it needs to be enabled some how although I can’t figure out how.