Gsettings report uninstalled extentions

Something curious I’d like advice on:

gsettings get enabled-extensions | tr "," "\n" |tr -d "^ ' [ ] " | sort 

Reports enabled extensions that are not installed anymore.
The extensions gui does not show these extensions

There are no folders for these extensions in:


I do not see any schema files in


dconf shows that there where settings in the past.

When resetting the specific extension settings in dconf (r-click Reset recursively ) the folder is removed in dconf after logging out and but gesettings reports the extension as enabled.

Trawling through the journal does not mention the extension as being loaded or if there is a problem loading extensions.

Searching for similar problems I find solutions that I’ve tried (above). Any tips on what to dive into to find the source of this discrepancy?

gnome-extensions list --enabled

Lists the currently active extensions that are indeed active according to the extensions gui

gsettings get enabled-extensions

Has a slightly different list with not installed extensions in my case.

It seems that listing the enabled extensions using gsettings is not the correct way to report enabled extensions.

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