Grub says NO SUITABLE KERNELS AVAILABLE when booting on Sony Vaio P

I got a fossil Sony Vaio P device and want to install Manjaro Xfce on it. I made an installation usb with ddrescue and the usb works on other devices, but on this one, it fails: grub shows up but there’s no option to boot, and it says “NO SUITABLE KERNELS AVAILABLE”.

The device is based on Atom, but then again, there are reports of successful installations, and given its age, linux support should be okay.

What should I try?

looks like you’ll need a 32-bit distro, manjaro(or arch for that matter) has ceased to provide 32-bit support. given the nature of the device i will advice going for a uber-light distro with 32-bit support.

i would recommend antix-32 bit or bodhi linux