GRUB/Restore the GRUB Bootloader Wiki Page in case Bios

I spent about 7 hours working with the above wiki and diverting to other solutions involving chroot programs that were nonexistent on the Internet because they were probably removed. There is no real problem with the instructions. They worked perfectly for me once I had read something on a grub wiki. You said:

For BIOS Systems

1. Install a new GRUB bootloader with the following command ( Modify to match your system )

grub-install /dev/sdy

What I and probably many others failed to understand was that this was not the partition. It was the label of the disk with the partition. The wiki was very specific in saying this and once I saw the wiki I saw how dumb I was. Abstract computer writing may work for those used to reading it all day long. It would have been a big improvement if you put a little note** The Disk NOT the Partition with Grub. Looking at the number of people who have had problems with this task I have a bad feeling I am not alone in misinterpreting this.

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Lots of people have made that mistake, but lots haven’t either. The Wiki is now in review by the Manjaro team and will be opened for general editing pretty soon.

2 possibilities:

  • you become a wiki editor and update that page yourself in the near future
  • remind me in a week (I’ve already set a reminder myself for in 7 days time) that this should be done…


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Grub can be installed in several ways and supports both BIOS/MBR, EFI/GPT and BIOS/GPT which makes it absolutely viable to use the specified command as part of a BIOS/MBR install.

I am in the process of proof reading the english versions - half way through B - but I will check the page next.

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because you have NOT searched

you answer is not correct , what about nvme or USB external disk ?

better add option --recheck in all case

chroot or even manjaro-chroot doesn’t work. the whole wiki needs a review and update.