Grub: old warning is shown from uninstalled kernel version

“image” is not stored anywhere but on swap
that is where data is written to when hibernating

if swap is used again - when the system is booted up and running - that image is … gone

As per the thread title, this was some warning (from somewhere).

A warning is just that -
is there an actual issue?

6.6.19 is even older than 6.6.25 and 6.6.26 what you where talking about here.

We have not seen it - only you have.
Where might that be from?

Is it “doing” or disrupting anything?
Or is it just a warning you see?

I hibernated again after some time, now the message is gone and hibernation is working like usual, so it seems that my reformating of the SWAP partition worked.

No there was no issue, I just found it annoying to see this message every time.

I think that it is from a failed attempt to use an hibernation image when the kernel was still 6.6.19.

Thx everyone.

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