Grub not showing after installing it alongside windows 10

Hi, there!
I freshly installed manjaro xfce minimal version alongside windows 10.
Here’s what I did while manually partitioning and installing manjaro.
I reserved 30 GB of memory for manjaro of which I,

  1. Firstly created a swap partition of 2 GB,
    File System: linux-swap
    Flags[checked]: swap

  2. Then I created a boot partition of 300 MB,
    File System: fat32
    Mount Point: /boot/efi
    Flags[checked]: boot

  3. Then I created a root partition of the remaining of 30 GB
    File System: ext4
    Mount Point: /
    Flags[checked]: root

And the installation process went on smoothly and it prompted me to restart the computer
So I did, but then it didn’t show up the grub menu to select the OS to run and just booted straight into windows 10.

My attempt to fix it was to reboot into live usb and opened up a terminal and ran command
sudo update-grub but it gave me the error usr/bin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of 'overlay’

And I have GPT partition table.
Please help me fix this issue

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome here, @gajeet,

Check your installation procedure against this guide and correct your procedure if you find a difference:

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I tried but it didn’t help

/etc/default/grub ? Then sudo update grub

Is Windows fastboot turned off?

Did you chroot before running grub-install? I think not. Hint:

manjaro-chroot -a

Did you choose the correct efi partition?

cat /etc/fstab && sudo blkid

Is there something?

ls -R /boot/efi

Is the boot order at your UEFI correct? Boots it Manjaro first?

Run all commands when in chroot or when you boot the local installation.

Hey, why did you create a new boot partition? I usually use the existing one WITHOUT formatting it.

Also check whether /etc/default/grub has GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 and GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false

Also try,

sudo update-grub


sudo grub-install /dev/sda

I have an SSD so it says /dev/sda not found.

sudo fdisk -l

Can you give complete output of the command

Sorry for late reply, I actually went on searching other articles for the fixes and I actually did find one which contains fixes for all messed up bootloaders, which did fix my problem too and now the grub appears just fine.

Later I got to know that this above link was also mentioned in the link which @Wollie sent think I missed that one before. So thanks a lot Wollie.

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