Grub-mkrescue - making a bootable grub cd



o Packages required
xorriso [1]

[1] - Some sub-packages of it may be sufficient but just install xorriso (because I can remember it, not these sub-packages which may change version numbers)
[2] - most of these packages are already default installed, not in net-install, so best check out first.

o To make a plain grub prompt (sufficient for all purposes)

o To include a current working grub.cfg to isofile (such that it boots to grub menu, not prompt)

[code]$ mkdir -p ~/burn/boot/grub

grub-mkconfig -o ~/burn/boot/grub/grub.cfg

grub-mkrescue -o anyname.iso burn[/code]

o Burn isofile anyname.iso to cd (less than 20 MB)
or dd to usb drive.

Some uses of grub rescue cd
o When system won’t boot
o When dropped to grub rescue prompt
o When need to reinstall Windows
o When dropped to initramfs shell
o When installing another OS and it got clobbered (with your bootloader)
o When Windows only systems (no linux) won’t boot

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