Grub menu showing up two times

I just update my ManjaroKDE using Octopi. After finished I just reboot and then GRUB menu showing up two times.
How I solve the problem, please.

A search would have helped you :slight_smile:

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I had this issue after I reinstalled Manjaro. I would boot, grub would show up, I would boot to manjaro, instead grub showed up a second time.

Try getting into your BIOS by pressing F1/F2/F8/DEL during booting up your computer, then find an option that describes which OS to load when booting. See if there's multiple entries. For me, there were two entries for Manjaro, and I just had to select the other one.

The reason this happens is grub is just a bootloader. It points to where the next step is stored. Normally it points to the actual OS, but my old grub was pointing to another grub (belonging to the new Manjaro installation).

For advanced users, you could try messing around in the boot folder and delete any old EUFI images/folders but I highly do not recommend this. Just hotfix it, that way you don't accidentally make your computer unbootable.


If you want, I can go through your booting issues with you if you start a new topic.
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And oh... provide

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
cat /etc/fstab
efibootmgr -v

This issue re-appears regularly every couple of updates. It's been that way since 4 years. It's enough to update the grub settings. I just got use to opening grub-customizer for it. Although this app is not recommended for Manjaro, because of some custom grub configurations, it never failed me so I'd say there is nothing to be afraid of, it works well with Manjaro.

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