Grub: detect other internal disks/SSD & bootable USB keys


I have Manjaro installed on my NVME SSD. On my 2nd SSD SATA internet hard drive, I have installed Batocera (a Linux distribution for retro-gaming). When I boot up, I get to the Linux grub, but it doesn’t offer me the 2nd hard drive. Bootable USB keys are not detected/proposed either. I know that in dual-boot with disk partitioning it is ok (I have this configuration on another computer with a Windows/Linux dual-boot on the same internal SSD).

So my question is : is it possible during a boot to choose on which hard disk to boot, without having to go through the BIOS/UEFI each time ? Grub only detects the partitions of the drive it is installed on? Not the other physical medias?



The answer to your question is here

There is two types of loader


GRUB EFI cannot display MBR entries and vice versa.