Grub Customization



So i decided we could make a topic about grub and customizing grub,
Sooo the customizer I use is just called “Grub Customizer” , you can get it from pamac package manager in the AUR repositories,So i made two yoda images for you guys :stuck_out_tongue: and also found this awesome unfinished hard drive image for grub background , Soo have a look!


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Sooo did you guys like the backgrounds?


Do you need more eye-balls attached to your chin ?


Yes, ( idk what you mean but sure )



@badbodh Yeah Sure ! :slight_smile:


it’s called dark humor. The kind that gets oppressed.
… comes with bad puns.


yeah i get it by now


Ok, now I would like to move the discussion about technical caveats to a new topic and leave this one for artwork only. :sweat_smile:


I know, but few others do, 'cept Crazy Lizzi. Dunno what that says about we three. :frowning:


Hey! I too enjoy “dark humor”. I mean really? I can make fun of stuff even in a full on zombie apocalypse for cryin’ out loud.
Of course, so far that is only in movies and books…Just sayin’. :smiling_imp:


Sooo did anybody at all like the backgrounds?
if you didn’t feel free to comment cool wallpapers and artwork


To be honest, yes I did find them fairly well done. I’d give any of the 3 at least 8 to 9 stars out of a possible 10.


I tried this one for Grub

But now I’m using it only for LXDM.

Here is the link to the original


Where can I get that little Yoder? I forgot all about that HD. :alien:


this are the source images


is there a FHD edition of first pic?


FHD as in FullHD?


Trace it in Inkscape then you can have it any resolution you want. The shapes are fairly basic so it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.