GRUB config for Phoenix UEFI/BIOS


First of all, I hope I’m allowed to seek help here since I’m currently running Arch, but still have something that I seek from Manjaro since I’ve used it for half a year.

I’m running on Lenovo Ideapad S540-14IWL (UEFI is generic Phoenix one). While I had Manjaro, grub-config during installation added a GRUB entry called “UEFI Firmware Settings” which would redirect me towards an advanced menu with a lot of options including overclocking. However, when I manually added fwsetup as a parameter in my grub.cfg on Arch, it redirected me towards a regular UEFI which I can already access from a single button on the side of the laptop.

My question (or favour) I seek to ask is:
If anyone is running Manjaro on a similar laptop or UEFI/BIOS, could you send me your grub.cfg entry for UEFI Firmware?

Or even better help would be to redirect me towards documentation of such UEFI commands on Linux.

Best regards,