Grub_calloc not found

So did I, except I followed the BIOS branch. No joy.

can you return

inxi -Fxxza 
sudo parted -l

you can boot with USB iso ,
and select disk before boot

I have booted with USB ISO; that is how I am attempting the rescue. Unfortunately, from there I cannot login to this forum, heaven only knows why. I’m logged in here now on my Windoze machine. It will take some maneuvering to get you those outputs.

with USB iso
can you select your disk to boot ( linux , not the live )?

I have my BIOS configured to boot the USB when it is inserted, otherwise the installed disk.
The inxi command gives me an error, wants a newer kernel (the ISO that I downloaded today uses 5.6…).
The parted command shows only what I already know and described above.

You should be able to see the output of my parted -l command here:
The inxi output is here: System: Host: manjaro Kernel: 5.6.15-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc -

if you type this

test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
efibootmgr -v

from inxi you have booted in UEFI

The directory does exist, and the efibootmgr output is here: efibootmgr -
I downloaded the latest Manjaro ISO and put it on an USB stick, and that is what I am running so that I can fix the grub on the installed disk.

and all your disks are in MBR , not in GPT with a /boot/efi …

Yes, the first disk (1TB) is /home and a couple data partitions. The second is my boot disk, and AFAIK it is MBR. I can’t see any EFI partition on it. The third disk is my USB stick running the rescue system.
My boot disk has nothing in /sys (under chroot), and no /boot/efi directory in sdb5.

have you any option for CSM or legacy in option Bios ?
if so activate it

I’m not finding anything like that, which is not surprising considering that this machine has been working fine for years.

you can boot on disk windows ( boot disk possible ) ?

I’m not sure what you mean. My boot disk has a Windoze partition, but I can’t boot it because grub is broken. My USB has an EFI finder function, and it finds nothing. It also doesn’t list the Windoze partition.

  • EFI require GPT and existing /boot/efi for Grub install

have you an another disk ( external disk) for backup ?
because it will require Backup , format GPT and restore backup
2 two disks ( you need another one )

trying by convert MBR to GPT disk ,
it possible for windows ( need a USB windows for that ),

hard for your linux
require convert , get UUID , chroot for update /etc/fstab , re -chroot for grub install EFI

or backup and restore on GPT with adding /boot/efi
( chroot for update /etc/fstab , re -chroot for grub install EFI)

@philm for grub-update

add this on topic update : ***** update only for EFI ****

check BEFORE with

inxi -Mxxxx
sudo parted -l
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi || echo bios
efibootmgr -v

Are you telling me that, because of this latest update, my machine will no longer run in MBR mode? How can that be? How likely is it that I am the only one running MBR?

recheck all option in Bios
retry and get boot Bios under boot USB iso manjaro

I’ve been spelunking in my BIOS. I’m beginning to think my machine is going wonky. My boot order keeps getting reset. Maybe the NVRAM is losing it, or at least the battery.

Update. This time, for the first time, manjaro-chroot finds the Windoze partition. Maybe that had something to do with the twiddling I did in the BIOS. And now, magically enough, it all works as expected. Sometimes I have to be satisfied with success.

Thanks for your help.

Note that I have edited this reply because the forum wouldn’t let me add more than 21 replies as a new user. How goofy is that? In fact, the only reason I’m here as a new user is because suddenly today, for the first time, my real account doesn’t let me log in, or reset the password.

This happens with gigabyte hybrid EFI boards when you mess with grub.
I had the same problem on one of my pcs with that and following advice from a guy on the forum I installed rEFInd.

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