GRUB Bootloader Failed

Okay, Silvia.

But it is bad.
You have a boot partition (hd0.7) in fat format.
Not the right thing to do.

I suggest you reinstall Manjaro, but
o no separate boot partition
o just a root partition - format it please. in ext4 format.

Let us know if you need more help.
We’re around.

I assure you the other things that people do (separate boot partition,…) is generally not necessary.

Ooops !

Ok then tellme how to install

Ok, I’ll try. Others here please help out if I miss out something. thanks.

  1. If you have data that you need, copy it over to another place.
  2. Format the partition (hd0,5) to be used as manjaro root in ext 4 format before installation.
  3. Boot up install media in bios-legacy.
  4. Select (hd0,5) as root (/)
  5. I think that’s it. Install.

Good luck.

In my case
1 manjaro gnome bootable with Rufus
2 partition time
Free space >create partition>extended partition >
/root -ext4 -40gb
/boot-512mb-FAT32. And flags chek box ufs

Then I install

What is the correct way to install

No! Not necessary. It will complicate things rather than help.
Please do not have a separate boot partition.
Please do not use btrfs
Please do not use f2fs
Please do not…use grub-customizer :rofl::zipper_mouth_face:

These are for the really experts, I am not an expert and I don’t use these.
Tested, yes, but I got scared away.
Serious. :rofl:

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As above.

How to contact official experts for manjaro assistant if you know

Strit, Jonathon, Chrysosthomus, Eugen-b… :sunglasses:

Ok so when I try to install after this without /boot and chek box partition it was failed to install manjaro

And mr. Gohlip thanks to you for giving me your valuable time

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I always install without boot (well, tested with f2fs once and before that…) but I don’t have to check box on other partition except selecting root (in bios-legacy).
What check box do you need to …check?

And you’re welcome, Ms Silvia.


Posting in the forum is the first place to ask for help. Please do not PM or email people directly for help.

Silvia, you need to reinstall.

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