GRUB boot line initrd with multiple .img?

i am preparing to move system drive from Intel PC to AMD PC. And when i “pacman -S amd-ucode” and sudo update-grub, it will place two .img instead of one into /boot/grub/grub.cfg:

initrd /boot/intel-ucode.img /boot/amd-ucode.img /boot/initramfs-5.10-x86_64.img

Is this bootable or i should:
A) delete intel-ucode.img and update-grub
B) restore my /boot/grub/grub.cfg file from backup (where it is using intel-ucode) and once moved the boot drive to AMD computer, i will get into the grub boot menu (assuming Shift or Esc key) and “e” key to edit the boot entry replacing intel-ucode by amd-ucode and once booted (in amd pc) run “rm /boot/intel-ucode.img;sudo update-grub”?

Am i wrong, which option is the best?
Please kindly keep it on topic which is adding the AMD support, GRUB. Other things maybe place into above linked topic. Thank you in advance for the feedback.

UPDATE: i was having both ucodes in GRUB boot line and it booted OK, i think no need to worry having both and if there is problem, you can try to hold shift or esc key to open boot menu and “e” key to edit the boot entry and remove some of the ucodes .img. I also ended up editing /etc/default/grub
to have following 2 variables set like this in order for the boot menu always appear:

echo "/etc/default/grub backup";sudo cp -p /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub-$(date --rfc-3339=date);echo "Enable boot menu in grub";sudo sed -i "s|GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=\"quiet |GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=\"|g; s|.*GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=.*|GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu|g; s|.*GRUB_TIMEOUT=.*|GRUB_TIMEOUT=7|g" /etc/default/grub;echo "Update grub";sudo update-grub

The ucode images only affects the cpu for which they are designed.

This should be unstood that you can have both and only one will be loaded. (E.g. the live ISO from which you install)