[grub boot failed] No response when booting from other grub generated by other Linux system after choosing the Manjaro Linux

I actually installed Fedora 34, Kali Linux and Manjaro on the same disk.
actually they can all boot – in the grub menu they generated themselves while installing the system.
in order to avoid from booting to the system I don’t want to, I use grub-customizer to generate grub automatically(I’m not familiar with grub settings), which is easy for me to do the settings
now Manjaro is included in the boot menu – both Kali’s and Fedora’s. but I can only boot Fedora or Kali if I choose to boot to Fedora grub or Kali grub in boot menu, when I try to boot to Manjaro(in the boot menu of Fedora’s or Kali’s), it doesn’t response, remains like: I can’t do anything like change tty or press NumLock. it just doesn’t appear to response in any way. But I can still boot to Manjaro since the Manjaro grub menu still works.

Other distros grub have problems booting manjaro/arch based distros.
Use Manjaros grub as main bootloader.

Then you are on your own, this is not supported for Manjaro’s grub.

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