GreenWithEnvy not working

This flatpak program is not working. The overclock options are greyed out. Of course I followed the instructions of this video:

https: // com/ watch?v=W6VcmFQl7-8

This program is sweet, I always use it, but it’s not working on Manjaro. Anyone have similar issues?

I’ve rebooted the system and reinstalling the program, none worked.

@rearis You need to add the CoolBits option: Roberto Leinardi / GreenWithEnvy · GitLab

Already did that.

App is asking “4”, you set “12”. See where the problem is?

12 means I can change everything. Watch the video.

Read this here:

No idea where he gets the value 12?

For some reason now it worked, I removed and reinstalled again.

I don’t know but it worked now. I reinstalled again. I installed the AUR version, removed and then reinstalled the flatpak version.

8 is for the overclock. 4 is for controlling the fans.

Oh I think he means 4+8 = 12, maybe you can only set one or another, so he set to 12 to able to modify both.

Thanks for the help!

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