Great hurdles during last update 5 nov 2020: GDM coredumps

Last update caused some unprecedented trouble.

  1. During the update it itself failed due to files existing in filesystem (about 50+ files). That was overcome by manually removing those files.

  2. After the successful update GDM gave me a white “Oh no” screen after reboot. I dug in deep and found that startx from a VTT would not work either. In the log a message about no cursor being found… (journalctl -b)
    I then changed the cursor through "gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface cursor-theme ‘Adwaita’ ", for the current user and was able to get a destktop. I discovered in de XDG settings somwhere in /etc that it expects xcursor-breeze to be present. I checked software and found that it was not installed.

After installing xcursor-breeze everything works again.

Very strange that this dependency does not get installed and why this cursor theme in the first place?

I was able to fix this but I am holding my breath for all the noob linux convertees I assisted in the field. They might jump back to windows when this happens…

Can you check your pacman log how that cursor theme got installed in the first place? It has been the default in Manjaro for years and comes preinstalled with the system

This is why. :arrow_down:

Instead of deleting files that could supposedly not be updated, you should have overwritten them. See… :arrow_down:

man pacman

… for details.

Then they’re not convertees, are they? Besides, GNU/Linux is not a consumerist product. It’s an operating system for responsible users ─ as in “people who do actually read the manual”.

For that matter, MS-Windows isn’t exactly foolproof either ─ or at least, from what I hear, because I’m not a Windows user.

Well I do disagree on that (apart from the bit on windows). Gnu/Linux is one of the few viable options if you care about privacy and control and a lot of great efforts have been made to make it easy to use to the extent that it can actually be used by less computer literate persons for all their use cases. That is actually a great virtue imho. There are distro’s that are more user friendly and ones that are more suited for people with a large technical background. If what you say is true, it seems like there is no point in using anything else than Arch or even Gentoo if you want to use GNU/linux !?

I have used Gnu/Linux almost exclusively since 2001, but I am not an IT professional. I feel that manjaro fits well with my profile as it does for a number of family members. The issue I encountered is pretty hard to debug of you are not into Linux mechanics.

I have RTM-ed pacman, but previous overwrite or force options did not seem to work last time I tried using them unless i performed it specifically for each file mentioned. Moreover there was not a single package related to cursors in that list. I have checked them all.

I have no idea why xcursors-breeze was not installed on my system. I have not reisntalled since sept 2019

I found that it was removed on 31 okt, not by my own manual request, but during an update.
[2019-10-31T08:02:15+0100] [ALPM] removed xcursor-breeze (5.11.5-1)

I have no idea why that happenend and why I could reboot without issues between 31 oct and today before the upgrade.

No, you can use globbing, but you have to quote the glob, e.g. :arrow_down:

pacman -Syu --overwrite="/usr/share/blabla/*"

Ah, OK! That helps! Thanks!

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Maybe there was a package conflict?

Well it all works again !

I was not the only one with this problem… See oh-no-white-screen-in-manjaro-gnome-after-updgrade-cant-access-other-tty/35863

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