Gray colors too bright in webbrowser

Both in FF and Chrome (Xfce) gray colors are too bright in comparison with browsers on Windows. Some light-grays are so bright that they are invisible on white background. Because of that sometimes I can't see borders and buttons on websites.


  • Change themes.
  • Quit talking about Windows. We don't care about Windows.

Changing themes do not solve issue. Windows was just for comparison. Colors in browsers should look the same on different OS.

it's a badly set ICC profile, you can tune it manually with an application called monica or use DisplayCAL with a usb hosted hardware calibration sensor like Spyder 5 lite.

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Thanks for the tip. I tried monica and have bit of success. But problem is when try to make exact grays other colors (blues, greens) darken too mach.

Sounds to me like if his monitor is AdobeRGB / wide-gamut, but color profile is somewhat limited, like sRGB...

Welcome! :slight_smile:
What monitor do you have?

I made few tests and it appears not monitor issue but Nvidia driver (1050Ti), because with Intel iGPU everything looks good. Anyway my monitor is this:

So I have question can I resolve my problem tweaking graphics settings or should I thank Nvidia as once Linus did :slight_smile: ?

that :wink:

Actually not only that, but surely it's always an option :laughing:

I encourage you to register here and report them directly, see if it's bug or you missed something:

Unlike nvidia support on Windows - this guys actually answer and fix stuff :slight_smile:

P.S. If you decide to do so - please share the link to thread here, i'm interested to know :slight_smile:

I tried different monitor and appears everything ok. But anyway I wrote about issue on Nvidia forum. Here's the link:

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The problem was with faulty icc profile. I found this blog:

Problem solved. Thank you all.

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Although using profile from another model even same vendor is not ideal option..

Wonder if this guy reported somewhere that it's faulty, maybe you should try to find out where to report about this, so people won't have this problem anymore :slight_smile:

no problem. I suspected ICC because I had something similar in the past with my own monitors and a too pale blue colour for hyperlink text on some sites rendering it illegible. you can also fix it specifically for your own monitor using the method I posted above (monica indeed takes a lot of fiddling, I invested a cheap Spyder 5 because I have several screens to tweak) if you ever have to reinstall or use a different distribution as well.

also, if you download the windows ICC profile from the benq site (or load in from supplied CD) assuming they offer one, you can load that in.

Downloaded the BenQ_GW2750HM_Normal.icc, but how did you set the new icc profile?

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