Graphics Driver for Will Not Load with XF86 Dummy Driver (Headless Mode) Installed

Well, this is new. From inxi -Fazy:

This does not seem correct. When this is working properly, it shows the modesetting driver, instead of N/A.

I have the video dummy drivers installed:

~]$ pacman -sS video-dummy
extra/xf86-video-dummy 0.3.8-4 (xorg-drivers) [installed] dummy video driver

I’ve also set up the dummy display device:

xorg.conf.d]$ cat 10-headless.conf
Section “Monitor”
Identifier “dummy_monitor”
HorizSync 28.0-80.0
VertRefresh 48.0-75.0
Modeline “1920x1080” 172.80 1920 2040 2248 2576 1080 1081 1084 1118

Section “Device”
Identifier “dummy_card”
VideoRam 256000
Driver “dummy”

Section “Screen”
Identifier “dummy_screen”
Device “dummy_card”
Monitor “dummy_monitor”
SubSection “Display”

Hmm, I have not tried headless mode but at first glance I question the “xf86-video-dummy” for an ARM machine. Is this known to work on ARM?

Great attention to detail. :slight_smile: That’s actually fine, as far as I can tell. It’s worked in the past, at any rate.

If you do a search via pacman of everything starting with xf86, you’ll get a lot of hits. This is a naming convention left over from when these drivers were part of the XFree86 implementation of the X Windows system, which was the standard on Linux boxes from on or after 1991 until sometime around December 2008 when it had its last release.

I actually remember getting in fights with XFree86 back when I tried to run Mandrake in the late 1990s.

pacman actually indicates these drivers are part of the Xorg package (Xorg was a fork of XFree86).

lol, not enough… that “f” does make a difference. I was reading it as x86. :smiley:

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That would certainly be a red flag. :slight_smile: