Graphics card performance in Intel NUC units: a comparison with an Asus G750 gaming laptop

Originally, I put the table below in a thread on the MJ-forum, discussing whether NUC units were suitable for gaming, at Intel NUC units (quadcore): what are they like for 'lower-end gaming': e.g. Supertuxkart, Roblox ..?

The reason I collected these data, was to help me decide whether the graphics cards used in NUC units were suitable for any kind of gaming. I’m putting these data here, so they are more accessible to anyone who may be interested in this.

The graphics cards are arranged in order, performance decreasing as you read from left to right across the table. I’ve included details of my dead Asus gaming laptop for comparison:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any data for the Intel Iris Plus 655 card on the ‘benchmark’ website - I assume this is because this card is very new on the market.


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