Graphics Acting Weird After Upgrade


I just did a $ pacman -Syyuon my Manjaro i3 system. After reboot, the graphics drivers had some conflicts, so I had to $ sudo mhwd -r pci video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-418xx-bumblebee and use the mhwd GUI to auto-install proprietary drivers.

However, now Firefox shows weird white rectangles when updating the UI (e.g. scrolling, hovering over links, dragging a floating window etc.). See this picture:

This only happens while Compton is running. There are also some other visual glitches, for example when tiling newly opened applications.

I've had trouble with Linux video for quite some time in other distributions, but it seemed to work fine with a fresh Manjaro installation. Only after this system upgrade has it become slightly buggy.

System Specifications

Branch: Stable
CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H@ 2.30GHz
GPU: UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile) / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile
GPU driver: video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime
Desktop Environment: Manjaro i3
Kernel: 5.4.27-1-MANJARO

If you run from terminal:
optirun firefox
does it perform better?

I suppose for this system you mean prime-run, so I did that. It did not change anything.
I also managed to reproduce the other visual bug:

This is a split second after closing a terminal that was tiled to the right of Firefox.

You mean for

The you are not correct, i was correct. :slight_smile:
Please take another look at bumblebee

Maybe you will find the other options more appealing:

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