Graphical systemd missing from System Settings 2024-5-13 update

Very minor thing, but I was fond of using the graphical list of systemd services to restart my Folding@Home cores when they failed.

The standalone app is called systemd genie. I think it is still on qt5, that is why it cannot be integrated yet.

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It might be easier to stick a
line to the service file.

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I think OP was referring to systemd-kcm, which gave access to various systemd features through the KDE Plasma System Settings. I rather liked it.

Unfortunately, systemd-kcm hasn’t really been maintained (last GitHub activity was 5 years ago). In order to be integrated into KDE Plasma 6 System Settings, it would have to be rewritten for Qt6. Since this is unlikely to happen, the package has been removed.


Thank you all for fast solutions, hats off to beermad for the tip on editing the file. I shall pursue! (Edit – I chose Restart=on-failure since foldingathome.service usually only chokes when it misses the timing on reboots. Thanks, Archwiki!)

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