Graphic card switching feature

Hey guys,

I was wondering if we can port the technology of System76 that has an GPU switcher built in for laptop which makes it much better than Bumblebee in my opinion

Optimus Switch does it well.

As for ports, no idea. Someone would need to have an interest in doing it and maintaining it.


In addition to the above



and for XFCE

Not a great start for a feature request.

Who is we? Does it include you?

What is this?

Not a great ending for a feature request.


english isn't my first language and you're a bit harsh to me

system76-power is in the AUR but it's meant for system76 machines, not sure about compatibility with others.

right now @linesma has put together a gnome extension and a plasma widget that work with optimus-switch.

with xfce, for now the switching remains cli
sudo (sets intel-only mode)
sudo (sets nvidia prime mode)


You can also create desktop start files to run those commands and voila you have a graphical switcher. Place the start files on your desktop, taskbar, or start menu and you are golden.


i moved the solve to @Sinister , she provided it first. glad to hear you got it setup :+1:

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thanks guys


Test it and give a feedback, with thanks :wink: to @linesma

Hey, @bogdancovaciu it is not finished yet. That link was just for troubleshooting syntax and the like. When finished, it will have an indicator icon in the system tray, and you will be able to change which gpu you are using from that icon. I will update here when it is finished.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Yeah, no worries. At least the OP will know now that something is on the way :wink:

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