Grant current user access to /dev/kvm

Using AndroidStudio I got following error message: Error while waiting for device: Could not start AVD

Well, I then tried to install a new AVD and got following error: /dev/kvm device: open failed … I pressed troubleshoot and got the error in the first message

I tried everything that was recommended on the internet, nothing helped.

I couldn’t install qemu-kvm or use adduser.

That’s all it said? Nothing more?

exactly … when I pressed troubleshoot I got: Grant current user access to /dev/kvm

Can you post the output of the following commands:

ls -l /dev/kvm


[panda@panda-pc Nesthuepfer]$ id
uid=1000(panda) gid=1000(panda) Gruppen=1000(panda),3(sys),90(network),98(power),961(sambashare),991(lp),998(wheel)
[panda@panda-pc Nesthuepfer]$ ls -l /dev/kvm
crwxrwxrwx+ 1 root kvm 10, 232  7. Sep 20:08 /dev/kvm