Grail Install for Touchegg

I’m trying to install touchegg which I need to do manually as the PKGBUILD is wrong. The first step I believe is to install the ‘grail’ package in which I have to replace inputproto with xorgproto. So I did this. But now when I when I try to build it it shows.
Missing dependencies:
-> frame>=2.5.0
What does this mean. Also is there a way for touchegg to find it’s own dependencies without me manually installing each one but keep ‘xorgproto’. Since if I try to do it via pamac or octopi it doesn’t let me edit the PGKBUILD

The process is install ‘grail’ replacing ‘inputproto with xorgproto’
Install ‘geis’ which will bring other required dependencies
Install toucegg-qt5 and/or touchegg-gui.
So far I’m stuck on the first step!

frame is available at the AUR (package name is just “frame”). You can build it with

makepkg -si

which will install all required dependencies which are available from the repos. Doesn’t work with AUR dependencies, but frame has no AUR dependencies, so it’s fine.

yeah thanks i was just confused cause it doesn’t show up on pamac or octopi

That’s weird, is AUR support enabled in them?

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