Graffiti Wallpaper



Just a quick wallpaper I made with a dirtier, grittier look than the normal (but great!) vector styles. I was a big fan of Nigel Rees Graffiti books growing up and this is my little homage to his work.

Hope you like it. If anyone’s is interested in tinkering I can share the gimp xcf files.


Looks good.

Can you post a link for a 1920x1080 version?

Maybe change the text to Manjaro Rollin’?


Yes, please share the xcf’s - I might enjoy simply “rollin’” beneath logo and a bit darker :slight_smile:


Cool, glad you guys like it! I’ve quickly made a rollin’ version and posted the full res versions on my blog with a link to the xcf. I will include links to the files below too though to save you looking at my incredibly dated (now) blog!


@bendavis great work!!! i see your blog and i like it. best!!


That is great!