GPU support in Manjaro Linux

Thinking about buying a new laptop with a fancy GPU; how does Manjaro Linux configure the wide variety of GPUs available? Have sent a note to your Manjaro Linux vendor about this question. My requirements are not great, but it would be nice to have good drivers in Linux for the GPU. Thank you.

The same or better than you find in other linux in general.
Manjaro also has Manjaro Settings Manager (and mhwd) to easily select drivers and kernels (mhwd-kernel).

Both amdgpu and intel are open source so their development tracks with the rest of linux.
Nvidia packages are also available.

You can check packages here:


Research, research and then some research.


From all i read here Nvidia seems like more troublesome than AMD.


Thank you. The Ubuntushop mentioned the Intel drivers. Thanks again.

Thank you.

Not true. There is good support of Nvidia. Issues I can acknowledge are with latest hardware in the early days, this is also true for AMD which is funny as drivers are open source and baked into the kernel itself.

I often see issues rising with kernel updates here and there on various forums/platforms, on AMD, new bugs because of MESA, kernel, or whatever. This is the nature of the beast, nothing is perfect, and you see what you want to see.

In a way I could say by default there is a better support for Nvidia currently as you need to not use the Manjaro provided drivers for AMD if you want hardware decoding :rofl:

One assumes that when you use mhwd to manually install a driver the driver needs to be in the current directory. Also, when using the GUI Hardware Detect tool does the downloaded driver need to be in a specific location to be found by the Detect tool? Thank you.

Please read the wiki, you dont download a driver into any directory.
You select from the provided options in the tool.
Anything else is unsupported.
(dont be scared - that covers the vast majority of devices)
This may go hand-in-hand with a grasp of how software installation and updates work in general - they are provided by the repositories, not by manually going to some website and downloading files ala windoze.

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