GPU Recommendation for Manjaro while running Windows 11 VM with GTX 980Ti for gaming

Hi everyone!

here’s what i want to do: play games on my windows 11 vm.

i have manjaro installed, windwos 11 vm is running already.
i have one 980 ti and use it for 3 monitors.
from my understanding i would need 2 gpus to passthrough one of them to the windows 11 vm. i don’t really game on manjaro so which gpu would you guys recommend for me? should i get a t600/t1000 or a gpro 4300?

thank you guys!

I would recommend none, and advise you to dual boot Windows, buy a SSD, this is cheap nowadays, and install Windows on it. It will save you lot of trouble trying to passthrough hardware to VM and have it to work, and it will not be detected as cheating by some games, which could be the case on a VM.

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oh ok, i wasn’t expecting this as a reply, but thank you!

i am actually dual booting right now but it would be so much better to have it all in one place. maybe another solution could be that i use my wifes computer with parsiq or another remote service to game… i am already using my mac with parsiq so i don’t have to switch mouse and keyboard or change input on my monitor.

Doesn’t Windows 11 requires Secure Boot? AFAIK Manjaro can’t boot with it on, so you’ll need to switch it on and off between OSes…

i am currently using win 10 as my hw is not “win 11 ready” but if i do a fresh install i can bypass that with the regedit “hack” during installation. used that for my first vm install until i discovered the tpm 2.0 setting in qemu/kvm.

Apparently you can install it since multiple bypasses have been found. From quick Google: 3 Working Methods To Install Windows 11 On Unsupported PCs - Geekflare

At then end of the day you can do whatever you want, but I myself also thought the VM would be a good idea but after trying and thinking, I concluded it wasn’t worth it and having the real thing would be better, booting an OS takes 10 seconds and you have nothing to worry about regarding the problems I mentioned, or eventual problems after an update breaking the VM or requiring troubleshooting.

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I like to use an integrated GPU for the host and pass through a PCI GPU to the guests. Whether or not that’s worth changing your CPU for is up to you, but GPU passthrough with KVM just honestly works so well I’m surprised people are telling you not to try it. Whether or not it’s a hassle or a pain or worth it depends on your wallet and your tolerance level/desire to learn.