GPU not being utilized enough in games

My gpu usage usually does not go above 40% while in games. This is causing frame drops and lag. My specs are rtx 2070, i9-990k, 16gb ram, using kde plasma. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry to say if your gpu usage usually does not go above 98-100% while in games I understand you have a problem. Your specs indicates thats not the problem. something else must be the problem. 40% Gpu is nothing. Look for another problem thats my suggestion.

I just said that its causing frame drops and lag. Thats not normal lol. I’m only getting 90fps when I’m at 30-40 gpu usage thats not normal at all.

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Thanks for the help, but I found the solution: download and install gamemode for linux then download and install lutris. I dont know why, but game mode fixed all my performance issues. Using lutris is nice because it also enables gamemode automatically.

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