GPD Win Max 2 - Internal Keyboard not working after linux515 update

Hello All -

I have recently received my GPD WinMax 2 and installed Manjaro Gnome alongside the Windows install. After I install, the machine boots up and works as expected with the linux515.60-1 kernel. However, if I install the linux515.74-3 or later, the internal keyboard stops working. An external USB keyboard still works as expected when it’s in this state. I have tried reinstalling both the Gnome and Plasma versions and installing updates one at a time - which is how I narrowed it down to the kernel update. Is there anything else I might try, or should I stick with 60-1 and watch for an update?

HW: GPD Win Max 2, Ryzen 7, 680M RDNA2, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD

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Same issue. Upgrading bios to v1.05 solved it.