Gparted problem

Hey guys, I need help. I want increase size of my home partition and I installed Gparted amd64 live and made it bootable on my USB. When launching it everything is ok, but after choosing language and when it is time to choose thy mode, I am choosing the default one (continue to start x to use Gparted automatically) . After it it opening just black screen as minimal terminal and that’s it. Nothing appear in further. No screen with app. Just simple minimal terminal with message “debian gnu/linux comes with absolutely no warranty to the extentpermitted by applicable law”. Please help.


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We have nothing to do with that project. You can use Gparted from the Live version of Manjaro and perform partition modifications. Do not mount those partitions before changing sizes of them, and double check the UUID of the modified partition and update the fstab file on your installed system before trying to boot into it.


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