Gparted as default partition manager in Manjaro KDE.

as stated it is a fact that kpm IS slower than gparted. again it is nopt a matter of PERSONAL preference, it's a matter that gparted DOES work far, far, far, far, fae better thah kpm.

Care to share your metrics? In both GNOME & KDE?


partitionmanager in plasma works fine for me, leave gparted to gnome, xfce etc. if someone needs it, just install it and remove partitionmanager

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With partitionmanager3 pay attention to the queue. Undo and redo until it is just right.

just replaced 3 for 4.

I see, but some reason I still have v3.3.1-1 installed. Guess I will try v4 when it is ready.

4 is in the repos. if you want it just open pamac and look for it.

Okay, it seems I was mistaken. If doing replacement route I needed to upgrade/replace both partitionmanager (4.0.0-1) and kpmcore (4.0.1-1) dependency. Along with a reboot. Now it appears to startup without any errors.

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