Got a new webcam and using Cheese

I purchased a new webcam to use for some things I am planning on. It is a Logitech 1080p Pro Stream Webcam. I fiddled with different ways of trying to get it to work in my Manjaro XFCE. After some reading in the forum and some other web sites. I found that I could use a program called Cheese. Cheese detected my plugged in webcam device and all settings seem to be good. Nice high quality photos and great videos. I had to work a little bit at getting the sound setup and enabled to work with the mic on the webcam. After selecting proper devices in Pulse Audio volume control and setting up VLC media player everything is working quite great. I found the Cheese program using Pamac add/remove programs which found the latest version and downloaded and installed it for me. I am finding Manjaro XFCE to be better and better, and I sure want to thank all the developers and maintainers and technical community for such a great distro.


Glad to know that everything is working as intended.

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