Google Sheet cell contents rendered unreadable white

A picture speaks more clearly than I can describe:

This happens only recently. The weird thing is, on a slow connection, I can see that initially it’s rendered fine but after the whole page gets loaded, it turns into above screenshot. Anyone have experience and found solution to this?

FYI, only Google Sheets is affected, Docs and Slides are fine.

I’m not saying this is the case, but it might be related to any browser add-ons you have installed, including but not limited to things that affect colors, such as a browser theme.

Related to that, if you use Firefox as your browser, then it may also be an artifact of the chosen GTK theme.

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That’s my first thought and indeed my first few google results. However, I have tried disabling all and restarted the browser, the problem persists.

EDIT: managed to render it right with Falkon, so at least I now have a temporary workaround.

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Are you talking about Firefox because that’s still unclear… If yes: which version are you running?

If you’re using Chromium, Google Chrome, etc. see:

I had this problem with Vivaldi and I have solved it in this way: With Vivaldi > 4.2, Google Spreadsheets look blank - #4 by MattG. Hope it helps.