Google search is now forcibly enabled in Firefox

After a new hidden (!) update, google search is now forcibly enabled in mozilla browser. I have not received any notifications. The update was hidden from the user by the built-in browser properties. I tried to change the settings and install a different search engine. When you restart the browser, mozilla still forcibly turns on google. I believe that such actions violate the principles of the community and demand the immediate removal of mozilla firefox from the official repositories. As of today mozilla firefox is a priori spyware malware

The update occurred secretly from the user. The browser made hidden requests and after that Google became forced in firefox. This is UNACCEPTABLE for the linux community

AFAIK the self-update is disabled in the package built for the repositories. Are you sure you installed yours from there?

Also, do you have Firefox’ studies enabled?



Rep Extra
Firefox 97.0.1-0.1
Firefox’ studies disabled
Recently, I have specifically refused updates from any repositories, expecting some undesirable political actions from some developers. I was afraid of this from packages from AUR, but Firefox is in the official repository. The update happened secretly and it scares me very much

Mozilla is solely to blame for this problem. I love Manjaro and I know it’s not your fault

Forcibly enabled? Meaning, no matter what search engine you add/choose, it will always search with Google? I’m confused by what you’re saying.

I configured Firefox to use Brave Search, and it always searches with Brave as my default.

Maybe it depends on the region? I think I should look at the news on the Internet on this topic

same here, i have startpage and FF 98.0 uses it as before, no changes. So it seems this is not a general problem. Is this an enterprise machine where someone else apply some policies?


Until we figure this out, the only action that makes sense is for Manjaro to issue an update that uninstalls the firefox package for all existing installations, removes the package from their repositories, wipes out any Firefox user config, and changes the desktop wallpaper to a white background with big bold black text that reads "You should have known better."

As a fellow Firefox user i can tell you all updates i received, including the latest ones, have not been hidden, and did not reset my search settings. Though on the latter part, there have been regularly reports of various setting reset in the long history of Firefox.
Whatever happened to you, you should analyze it with a cooled head.

Off-topic but… what?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Judging by the news, in my region googlesearch is installed forcibly for all users of firefox version 78 or higher. I am glad that it has not affected all countries of the world, but it is still very frightening. 1984?

I could send a link to numerous publications on this issue. Many people have already noticed it. Only I’m not allowed to post links on the forum. As far as I understand, the problem has bypassed English-speaking users

so the geo-political situation forced someone to apply this change. Can you set mirrors in other regions and does this make a difference?


Repo is a proper abbreviation for repository, not rep.

You’re two versions out of date. You missed 97.0.2 and the current version is 98.0.

Since you’re not fully up to date, we cannot help you troubleshoot further. In general, a missing update could contain a bug fix.

Either way, create a new Firefox profile and see if you can reproduce the issue. No one else can reproduce it.

Closing as this topic is going nowhere and has nothing to do with Manjaro.