Google Drive Robust software for Manjaro! OPEN SOURCE ONLY!

I want to Sync my google drive folders to the PC and then re sync them back when I do changes to the files, I tried the in sync app, but it’s no FOSS, I want to know if there is a robust FOSS alternative for this purpose?

Google drive (


ok Thanks

Just wanted to come and recommend this. rclone is awesome!

Hi, It seems like you are using R clone. I installed it and am mounting my files from Google drive into a local folder and it seems to update real time if I add a folder in the local folder, it automatically syncs to Google drive. But it seems to not work while I am offline,(NOT THE SYNC BUT THE FILES DON’T SHOW ON LOCAL FOLDER WHILE I AM OFFLINE!). Ho w can I get the same functionality but offline. Thanks.

You’ll have to look into the sync option and, perhaps, run it manually. Or use it together with inotifywait to sync on each directory content change…

inotifywait will let you monitor a direectory for changes and run a command when a file in the directory change. So you can use it too run the sync command every time something changes in the directory. Have a look here:

Hope this helps!

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I tried the second script but it in the comment on first command, it asks for writing the directory FROM which you would like to sync. But I want to use the files from the Google drive, not send my local files to Google. Can you share your setup, If you are using Rclone?

I am using rclone, but only manually. And only for backing up my data every now and then, not your requirement, at all.

Ok, Thanks anyways.

You’re welcome!

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