Google Drive in Files very slow


I hope this is the correct forum section for my question.

I’m using the “Online Accounts” shipped with Manjaro Gnome. I now have my Google Drive in “Files” available but the performance is really slow. It takes ages until I see the content of the folders and working with the files (e.g. opening an image) is no fun at all.

Is there a way to speed this up or are the other and faster alternatives?



I have given up on syncing Google Drive. I don’t know why it is so extremely slow. Is it the Online Accounts code? The protocol? On Google’s side? Something there is broken.

I have also used the ocamlfuse Google Drive connector and it does some caching, but even then Google Drive is dog slow.

Sorry :frowning:


Google drive in the online accounts does not sync, it like a shortcut to the folders on Google drive itself.

I would suggest you use grive-tools from the aur.

This is what I use, it is fast and reliable, or at least it has been for me.


disclaimer – THEY DON’T PAY ME!

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