Google drive files download speed (really low)

I recently started using manjaro and noticed that the download speed is normal not unusual,
but when i download files from g-drive (mkv,mp4 and docs) the download speed is around my normal speed(1 MB/s) but same files on windows(Win10) are downloaded at 10MB/s idk why its not downloading same on manjaro kde.

previously i had windows 10 on my laptop it had same download(10MB/s)
if anybody knows what's the issue :slight_smile:

Download manager: XDM
Network Connection:Wif-Fi
Download Speed

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

1MB/s is about the same as 10Mb/s. Note the lower and upper case b/B.

I'm sorry i mean 10MB/s bigger B i didn't see it while posting my bad

So you have a 100Mbit/s connection from your provider? Which usually gives you 10MByte/s? The partial screenshot shows a 10Mbit/s connection.

Did you try another Download Manager than this one, I guess

Yes i'm using XDM but what i'm trying to say is the download speed for google drive files are higher because i'm downloading the same file at 10MB/s on my windows PC but on my manjaro its normal download speed that's what i'm trying to say.
My provider is giving me 10Mb/s(down: 1MB/s) usually Google servers provide greater bandwidth to download huge files form google-drive.

If your connection doesn't support more than 10Mb/s or 1MB/s it is not possible that you download from Google with 10 time that speed.

Could you use another speedtest like and post the screenshot here?

With that explanation it is clear that the download speed Windows is telling you is wrong. There is no way you could download at a speed of 10 MB/s on a line that is just 1 MB/s wide.

I'm downloading the same files from g-drive

IDM (Windows 10)

XDM(Manjaro KDE)

My Internet Speed

@Kaventsmann @mbod

I do not have access to the links

try now

ok. My answer remains the same: Your internet link with your provider is 10 Mb/s = 1 MB/s.
No download can be faster than that. Period. This is logic.

You need to ask in a Windows forum why windows is showing you bogus figures. There is no way for Windows to have a 10 MB/s download on a 1 MB/s line. Does that make any sense to you?

I suggest you stop the time for the download. It should be roughly the same on Linux and Windows. And in order to prevent any caching effects I would start with a new file.

i don't think its bogus because its actually downloading at 10MB/s i have tried to download it with 1MB/s and it takes time,so the speed on IDM is proper and not just a bug i mean to say i understand that its not possible to download on higher speed than your ISP has given you.
its just the google server provide a better bandwidth for files (i have downloaded more that 1GB of files which took aroiund 1-2 mins on that 10MB/s so its not bogus)

@mbod i have done that already with different files and timing
i'm not saying it maybe showing bogus speed before manjaro i had windows 10 on my laptop and it gave same speed again.

IDK it's just mind boggling at this point :laughing:

The your line is faster than 1 MB/s and your provider is lying to you :wink:

Damn those bastards lying to me. :laughing:

Where did you run the speed test. Windows or Manjaro? Test in both, is there a difference?

Windows and manjaro both i have same internet connection on both.

No Solution found so closing the thread :slight_smile:

Maybe that's what makes Windows so damn awesome.

I'll never forget finally wiping vista after getting a progress bar saying 'calculating the time needed to delete'. It was a desktop shortcut... Awesome.

Give Dropbox a try :wink:

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