Google Drive broken in Qonos


After upgrading to Qonos, when I click on Google Drive in Dolphin, the main window displays “Loading…” and never moves on from there. This is new behaviour immediately following the upgrade. All had been working normally until then.

To check things, I removed the Google entry under Online Accounts in Settings, revoked access to KDE Online Accounts in my Google account and then re-added Google via Online Accounts in Settings in the normal manner, granting it permission again in my Google account. I do have kio-gdrive properly installed - I even re-installed it to be certain.

Thoughts? Any diagnostics I should run? Any further information I should be posting here?

I have exactly the same problem, ended up switching to Rclone which works perfectly.

I’ve seen rclone mentioned elsewhere, but am not familiar with it. Is there a quick and easy resource for getting it up and running? Please and thank you.

I followd this guide except I installed it from the repos and not via curl.

Fixed with today’s update. Looks like kio-gdrive got an update that solved this issue.

Thanks, devs!!